Saturday, April 23, 2005

Earth Day...2005

turquiose emerald
spinning whirling dancing
spherical diverse

I love Earth Day...I have been celebrating, or trying to celebrate it for several years. One year at school we all bought tee-shirts with pictures of the Earth, bought a tree and sang a specia song. Of course, it rained that day...but I remember all of the children poking their out the windows singing about the earth with much gusto.

This year a first grade classroom that I work with has gathered coffers for a tree and we are in the process of making our own list to save the Earth according to first graders! I will publish it next week!

I have told stories a Earth Day celebrations...planted trees...I recycle, car pool, turn my heat down...and do my part. can imagine my disappointment for this Earth Day with 7 inches of snow predicted...all the celebrations canceled for the day, how I must feel.

However, it is nice to know she is still in charge.