Saturday, November 20, 2004

So, send it my way...

It has been six days since I have seen the sun here in Northern Indiana..has anyone out there seen it? I hung laundry out on Sunday (summer, cruise clothes), and they are still there...I am sure each day my neighbors are talking about my summer dresses dripping in damp, cold fog.

I have not raked my yard is the only yard covered, I did sweep a pathway so I could walk through to the garden gate, however...and I have driven over the leaves in the driveway so they are now matted down making permanent fossils on the blacktop.

I refuse to hang out Christmas lights and wreaths...although my neighborhood is starting to look like a winter wonderland...I still have Thanksgiving pumpkins all around my doorsteps and stoops...some are a bit rotten, and I am really afraid to pick them up, but, on my honor, they are still there!!

All in all, I do love the week of is my favorite holiday with the solstice and Twelfth Night, and Robert Burns birthday falling close behind. I like the non-commercialism...the candles..the pumpkin pie..the being with people I love without expectations of $$$$(aka..presents).

So, with this Thanksgiving week upon us..I will spend the week end cleaning out candle holders..ironing pillow cases with lavender for my children as they travel my way...put chocolates on their pillows, baking pies...I will also sweep another pathway through leaves..and hope my pumpkins will last just one more week.