Saturday, August 25, 2018

Last show of the Fringe!

I knew it was a great idea to bring Jacob McNeal into my show. I also knew it would change his life forever. Here is one of his accounts on Facebook. The Fringe is definitely full of magic!! 

This is from Scene 2 of our show.

The fringe, the fringe...
I knew I would love it; but there are some things you just can't predict, and how much I've fallen in love with this festival was one of those things.

It starts in the day and lurks on into the night, the people and shows are amazing. Some shows are the strangest thing you'll ever see, others; the most captivating - and some that are just plain fun! I have seen a lot and experienced a lot in the very short time I've been here, and it's been amazing.

The reception has been great for Mary and Her Monsters, we get good size responsive audiences. It's a pleasure to help, in a small way, to transport people into the amazing life of Mary Shelley.
People always say "I had no idea what she went through..." and at times during each show, the emotional impact is palpable. All ages, all genders and sexualities have been mesmerized, I think the show is pretty perfect. The lighting and transitions are smooth and elegant, thanks to our young lighting pro, Melia!

It's also been fun to have people come up and say things like "That Voice!" "Oh, your voice is hypnotic..." and possibly my favorite "Will you talk to my friend, I just want her to hear you speak!" ~
As we stay 100% for our last two shows, tonight at 10:30 and tomorrow at 7:30, the excitement continues...
And we already have more shows booked beyond the fringe; but more about that later.