Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Love helps put together the Thanksgiving table...

Love helps put together the Thanksgiving table: I love knowing on Thanksgiving morning that I am just one of the thousands of cooks up early baking pies, drinking coffee and thinking about the day along with so many other women (and men).

I do so love baking pies!!  

Here is the link to this week's Thanksgiving column. As I post this today, I am getting ready to put apple pies in the oven and go over my list for tomorrow's dinner. I love Thanksgiving so much. I love folks around the, friends, and those who need a place to be.

This week I looked into the lives of three women that have inspired me in many ways in my life...not just homemaking.

I have included an Irish Blessing which I will be saying at our family dinner. Maybe you will want to read it also at your celebration.

Just click on the title or the first line.
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Lou Ann