Monday, June 19, 2017

The gifts were usually simple...

The gifts were usually simple: The gifts were usually simple. The six of us pooled our money together and walked down to the local drug store to see what we could find for Father’s Day. Once we bought a card that cost a whole dollar. We argued over that one. And once we bought a shaving mug with a brush. Everyone agreed on that one, and we just couldn’t wait until Sunday morning to give it to our dad. Sometimes, and more than once, we spent the money on cherry Cokes and ended up with homemade cards. We always felt bad afterward, but we loved sitting on those stools drinking those Cokes in the summer.

My dad loved all theatre shows. Here we are singing with "Mama Mia!".

Here is the link to my Father's Day day late! I had a wonderful day celebrating with two of my sons who are wonderful fathers so this was postponed a day! 

Just click on the above link, and as always, thank you for reading!

Lou Ann

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