Monday, April 10, 2017

Love is all around in Minneapolis...

Love is all around in Minneapolis: Minneapolis is a long way to travel to throw my hat into the air by the Mary Tyler Moore statue, but that is exactly what I did. With one small suitcase (and a hat to throw), I pulled into Union Station at midnight. Clicking my boots together I knew I wasn’t in Kansas or Angola anymore as the Minneapolis sky line loomed ahead and was full of color. When the country mouse travels to visit the city mouse, I must say the country mouse is all ears and eyes.

This past winter I visited Minneapolis by train. I love traveling by train and wanted to see a friend of mine. I loved visiting the city and took in all the sites, at least all that I could see for one weekend. I got behind in my posting this winter so this column is a little dated (February), but nonetheless, it was a great trip and there is lots of information in the column. Just click on the title or the first line. As always, thank you for reading!

Minnehaha Falls in the winter.
When visiting Minneapolis you should always stop by the house of
F. Scott Fitzgerald!
The Art Museum has a Jane Austin room. I could have spent the whole
day there cozied up with a book by the fire!