Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pokagon an important gift to Indiana

Pokagon an important gift to Indiana: Christmas was often sparse in the Homan household when my three sons were growing up. Often there were homemade gifts of mittens and scarves, or wooden benches. Once there was a pony. As they grew older I filled their stockings with some strange fare … my grandmother’s recipes, a typed journal or small books on wildflowers and butterflies of Indiana. There was always a silver dollar in the toe of their Christmas stocking.

Happy Birthday, Indiana State Parks. Tomorrow (Sunday, July 31 is the big birthday party at Pokagon State Park. You will even get to tour the new "pocket museum" which is delightful.)

Here is the link to my column and what the park means to me. As always, thank you for reading! Just click on the title or the above link! What are your stories???

See you at the party!

Lou Ann