Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Fest in my town...

Earth Fest Today!

Today is Earth Fest in my town! The weather is stunning...ah...we wait so long for Spring and here it is!

Come on out to Briali Winery for a great day! There is music by all our local groups and lots of workshops. I am teaching two 1:00 I am teaching a Haiku workshop with Tammeron Francis-Jones. We have journals for all of you so come on out. At 3:00 I am teaching a scholarly lecture on Thoreau, Beston, and Leopold...what did these men have in common? I will be comparing their work and their lives.

Yes, today is the day! See you at Briali Winery!! 
Here are a couple of my spring Haikus for your morning...

streaks of yellow haze
night of a thousand droplets
thunder in the throat

shivering flowers   
wearing winter's coat of lace
frozen diadems