Friday, May 01, 2015

Mrs. Louisa Hendry

Tonight at the Angola Carnegie Library I will be portraying Mrs. Louisa Hendry. The event is part of our 100th Anniversary and tonight's party will be eventful with the arrival of Mrs. Hendry.

The year is 1910. She is survived by her husband, Alanson Hendry, and she has gathered folks together to tell her stories about coming to early Angola. She witnessed many events in her life such as the coming of the railroad, the building of Tri-State Normal College (Trine University) and was instrumental in the shaping of my town.

The harp music begins at 5:00. Mrs. Hendry arrives at 6:00. Hope to see you there! Following the library event there will be an Architectural Tour of the square beginning at 8:00. The weather is perfect so come on out!

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