Friday, February 20, 2015

A Gift of Poe...

Looking closely you can read the date of October 7, 1949 from Richmond, Va.

Yesterday morning I was gifted the above envelope. At first I didn't realize it was a gift of keeping, I thought it was a gift of sharing.

I could barely hold the envelope in my hands, and I even exclaimed, "This should be in a protective holder."

The date is October 7, 1949. That is the 100th anniversary of Poe's death, and it is postmarked Virginia. The envelope is yellowed with age and has symbols of and photos of Poe, the raven, a quill pen, writing tablet and his cottage in New York.

When I handed it back to the person I was told it was a gift and I should keep it.

Tim Hopp is an academic professor of writing and theatre at Trine University. Our offices are adjoined and he is always keeping my coffee cup filled with very unusual blends. Most of the time we discuss poetry. This week it was the death of Philip Levine and the song of "February" by Dar Williams.

It is wonderful for me to know I have someone who shares my love of poetry and understands my search for poets...alive or dead!

Thank you, Dr. Hopp, for this lovely gift. I have already placed it in plastic (after the photo), and will treasure it always.

Until tomorrow.

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