Sunday, September 28, 2014

Times change, but Autumn festival lives on...

 Yesterday I told Sister Suffragette stories on the square at Autumn in Angola.
Photo courtesy of John Mowry

 It has been a great weekend in Angola with Autumn in Angola. I was out and about all day yesterday with stories and other events. I traveled on my bike from one venue to the other. Today I will spend the afternoon at the Civil War battle of the Crater. (I heard the Confederates won!)

Last night was the yearly square dance out at Pokagon under the stars. It was the perfect night for dancing. I was the last one to leave, as usual!

If you haven't been out, there is still lots of time. Support your own hometown. Festivals are abundant this time of year.

Today's column is just a click away on the above site. It is for my children...Adam, Aaron and Abe.

As always, enjoy, and thank you for reading.