Monday, August 25, 2014

October campfire in August???

Campfire in Indianapolis!

The Fringe ends, and I cannot get enough of it. My last show was yesterday at 3:00 with a lovely audience. I had a late lunch with a friend to discuss the possibility of another new show, and then I attended one more. Without counting, I know I attended over 25 shows besides doing my own and spending time with friends in the pub until the wee hours of the morning.
Still I could not go home. By 9:00 last evening five storytellers gathered to participate in the filming of a documentary featuring ghost stories. I was thrilled to be invited, but last night in Indiana was not the night for a campfire. It was exceedingly warm (hot!!) and we were dressed in Autumn clothing such as boots, jackets, scarves, etc. One of the film makers kept us supplied in paper towels to absorb the huge amounts of sweat while Ellen kept us supplied in cold beer.
We finished a little after 11:00 and were glad to reduce the clothing and get into air-conditioned cars. Luckily I was with Ellen as my car has no air-conditioning.
This morning was packing up and coming home. What a lovely drive it was and how nice to pull into my drive way. I was greeted by a blooming garden with sunglowers smiling everywhere. Ahhh...home.
Until tomorrow.