Friday, August 15, 2014

Hoosier Roots and then some...

Morning glories around my old fence.

Tonight at the IndyFringe I will be performing a new piece. When I say "new piece" I actually mean new to the stage. I have been telling my homesteading stories for years.

For those of you new to my life, my family and I went to the land to homestead years ago. We went without indoor plumbing and electricity and made our living selling goat's milk, eggs, and vegetables. It seems a million years ago, yet it was not that long ago. 

We made this huge decision and went for it full time. I will publish this week's story about that process.

I love telling those stories. Perhaps I want to re-live them or encourage others or just like to hear myself talk. (That is always a possibility.)

I do not live like that anymore, although I have taken a lot of those ideas and values and use them in my every day life. Those of you who follow my blog know that I always hang out my laundry, compost everything possible, use a rain barrel, garden, and make do.

My carbon footprint gets out of shape because of the way I travel and that I live alone in my lovely old house.

Be sure to tune in this week end for the column, and if by chance you are in Indianapolis, stroll on by to take a look at my show. 

Until tomorrow.