Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"I have often walked down this street before..."

The view from Philip's front porch.

Last night's rain came down in buckets with a brilliant display of thunder and lightning. It was great to sit out on the pizer watching the storm. I could actually see the storm swirling and circling around the island.

This morning the storm continued. Flashes of light, hoof beats of thunder and torrential rain came down upon the rooftop and the gardens.

My morning coffee was not interrupted by the storms; although I had to move the rocking chair back a few inches to keep from getting wet.

Because I was raised on Broadway songs, I just can't stop singing, "On the street where you live..." from My Fair Lady. Here is an excerpt in case you have forgotten.

I hope your day is full of sun or rain wherever you are.

Until tomorrow.