Friday, June 27, 2014

Back home in Indiana...

Everyone gathering at Pokagon State Park for the concert by the
Fort Wayne Philharmonic.
Photo courtesy of Margaret Rothrock

My current life is on Ocracoke Island where i am continually immersed in island history and a part of the community.

However, thanks to Facebook and blogs, I am always in touch with my other life back in Indiana.

Last night the Fort Wayne Philharmonic entertained locals and tourists alike as they gathered by boat and by car. As usual, folks brought picnics and candles and blankets to enjoy before the concert.

When I was home with my children we never missed the concert. I made sure I had a picnic packed along with my homemade quilts and arrived early enough to share our food and visit along the way.

I am not saying I am homesick for the Midwest, but I am saying there is always something to miss wherever we go. 

This was quoted in the book, Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.
Maggie said, as she was talking to Sarah who left the sea, "There is always something to miss wherever you go." She also told Sarah to plant a garden, and I have done that as well. Photos and story on another day.

Until tomorrow.