Saturday, March 08, 2014

Still snowing?

Sunset in my backyard.

It is early Saturday morning and the flakes are as big as dinner plates as they, once again, show the strength of this winter. They snow is simply covering other snow! I still have foot of snow in my yard, under my clothesline, and my driveway is a sheet of ice. However, under all of this is the sheer beauty of winter. Going through one of my own haiku books this morning (while writing new ones), I found some lovely old pieces. I think you can enjoy them even if the sun is shining where you live!

Today's Haiku

empty streets of ice
longing for summer walkers
all doors frozen shut

bloodlines of winter
run through blue veined lifeless hands
I'm sleeping til spring

roads of sooted dust
swirls with frigid drollness
cold pacidity

Until tomorrow.