Sunday, July 28, 2013

Islanders teach their children the value of work....

Islanders teach their children the value of work - KPC Media Group: Kpcnews

Dear Friends,

Another Sunday morning on the Island. It is quiet except for the morning church bells calling folks out of cottages to attend services. 

Yesterday was full of visitors...mostly family members related to Philip in some way or other. The conversations were of Ocracoke long ago and now. Many other discussions followed about how folks were actually related...third cousins once removed?  No, my uncle's second cousin twice removed! Since I am not related to any of them, I could just shake my head and eat brownies!

The above is the link to this week's column! Enjoy. The following photos will help you see the story! Oh, I might add Sundae sent me a text saying she was not in charge of Bingo any more, but she was for a long time!

Hoisting the sail on the Wilma Lee

Susan's ice cream shop

Sundae Horn with her youngest child, Mariah Daisy