Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lou Ann Homan is Out and About at the Gene Stratton Porter Historic Site.

In order to know Gene Stratton Porter, I am going to quote from William Lyon Phelps. He wrote an article in 1913 for "Educator and Critic." Enjoy.

"Gene Stratton Porter lives in a swamp, arrays herself in man's clothes, and sallies forth in all weather to study the secrets of nature. I believe she knows every sound in the forest, and can tell you what caused it.

"She is primarily a naturalist, one of the foremost in America and has published a number of books on the flora and fauna illustrated with photos of her own taking.

"Thus she hit upon the plan of writing sentimental novels, in which her observation of nature is brought to the attention of America.

"She is as full of energy as Theodore Roosevelt, and as hearty an American. She is eaten up with ambition, and with the joy of life: few have more fun in their daily existence than she. I have no doubt that if the public  could see some of her letters which she receives by the cartloads they would share her belief that she has not lived in vain."

I have always loved her work, and because of it, I travel as a storyteller sharing her tales as a first person Gene Stratton Porter. This show is available at Arts for Learning in Indiana. It is especially beneficial to fourth grade students.

As always, thanks for reading. Maybe you know a little more than you did before!