Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Indiana says good night..

Last night I took a bike ride around my neighborhood with Aaron and Jonah. We made a special trip to a hidden little glen which Jonah calls "Roxaboxen."

He chose that name from one of our favorite books by the same name written by Barbara Cooney. The story tells of a group of children long ago who claimed a place in the desert all their own. This was away from adults and full of imagination.

Jonah and his friends have claimed this place as well, although I won't reveal the location!

I stayed a little longer to take a short "Out and About" video. I have had trouble the past couple of months putting these videos on my blog, but I think I have it fixed now!

The video is a bit shaky and you can hear the mosquitoes in the background as well. Enjoy saying good night in Indiana in the spring.