Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Woman in the White Dress

Welcome to National Poetry Month! I issue you an invitation on this lovely, but still chilly, day from the Midwest.

On Wednesday, April 3, I will be speaking at Trine University on Emily Dickinson. We (the audience and I) will explore her life as a woman, a poet, and a gardener. The event is from 3:30-4:30 in Wells Theatre with a Q and A to follow. I would love to see you in the audience and there are even little gift bags, if you happen to be there!

Emily Dickinson has always been one of my favorite poets. You can find her work online, in libraries, and in books. One of my favorite poems begins as such:

"I'll tell you how the Sun rose-
A Ribbon at a time-
The Steeples swam in Amethyst-
The news, like Squirrels, ran-
The Hills untied their Bonnet-
Then I said softly to myself-
That must have been the Sun....."
Emily Dickinson
Today's photo was taken in my garden on Easter. What a nice surprise I found as I brushed away the leaves.