Monday, March 25, 2013

I did indeed tell a lie...last week's photo was not the last photo of Winter!!

One week later, here is another view of my front yard!!

Here we go again! I am so sorry for the misguided information. I really thought last week was indeed the last view of winter!
Anyway, a week later with more travels and stories tucked away in my bureau drawers (reference to Emily Dickinson!), I am cozily sitting in my studio with work piled high all around. In due time, I say, in due time.
There are two other components to today's blog...first of all my weekly article. It is written about, OK, you guessed it, the weather.  I also have a new video that I took this morning. In reference to my article, I was very busy over the weekend and finished it with a young couple stopping in for R and R. John and Jessie are bicyclists who are riding from Chicago to Washington D.C. They are young and brave! John is a seventh grade math teacher and Jessie is getting her PhD in linguistic
As I sent them off this morning, I wished them well and also said that I would be happy to put them on the Amtrak train at Waterloo. They could still arrive in Washington!
So, it is a long blog today, making up for my absences of this past week. Life just shows up and takes away our thoughts and time!
Enjoy, and as always I really appreciate my readers!
Lou Ann