Monday, March 18, 2013

Aurora Borealis

This photo was taken by Chris Schuler in Ft. Yukon, Alaska yesterday.

While we were getting the green britches out of our closets and adorning ourselves with those emerald beads and pins, the night sky joined in our celebration.
This photo was taken by Chris Shuler in Ft. Yokon, Alaska yesterday morning of the Aurora Borealis.
This amazing display was seen all the way down into Colorado! What a great surprise this must have been for the folks.
Only once have I watched the sky dance. It was years ago while camping near Lake Superior during August. I was sitting close to the fire when the sky erupted. It was breathtaking. It is the first and only time I have had this experience. Hopefully some day I will again be sitting next to a campfire in the north with fireworks overhead.
I am also sharing a blog with you that is just wonderful. Enjoy!
Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy this day. We are all shut in with another major storm, this time it is ice.

Changing plans and making tea. Spring will come, right?