Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last call for DivaFest!

Dear Friends,
Today brings another quick trip down to Indianapolis for another DivaFest performance. This new addition to the IndyFringe is sponsored by Storytelling Arts of Indiana.
The event is for women playwrights, storytellers, and Divas, of course.
What started with a fun topic, "And she lived happily ever after...or did she?" has ended up to be a great amount of research and well, soul searching.
I have talked with woman from planes to potlucks to coffeeshop conversations to just about anywhere looking for happily ever after.
So, is there such a thing? We all want to know.
If you come to Indy on March 17th at 3:00 you might find out. Then again, you might not. This story will be on-going, and if you have a happily ever after story, I would love to hear it!
Lou Ann