Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday "Phantom of the Opera," Jane Austin (Pride and Prejudice), Poe and Burns from a small town in Indiana

Happy 25th Anniversary "The Phantom of the Opera"

Dear Friends,
The day started with fog and ice which quickly turned to gray skies of continuous rain.
It is also Monday morning and the studio calls to me for attention. I organize, file, get ready for new projects while listening to the "Phantom of the Opera"  and the rain beating out my window. I do not know how many years I have loved the show. During the end of my marriage we took the train to Toronto for the weekend to see the show. It was our last chance for survival. I thought we would make it as we had the best time, but it just didn't work. I remember those last moments with my heart in my throat wanting the marriage to work, wanting it to end. There are things women know.
Now years later I listen to the music. I saw the show many more times after that, but alone. It is the 25th birthday of this great masterpiece by Andrew Lloyd Webber. How can we thank him for the brilliance of his work?

                                            Happy 200th Birthday "Pride and Prejudice"

What young girl did not read Jane Austen? Even grown ups want to wear the dresses, and live a life we can only read about. So, Happy Birthday "Pride and Prejudice." Thank you Jane Austen for giving us grown up fairy tales.

The rain continues to fall and I come across a scrapbook my dad kept of my letters home, report cards and various other mementos. How I miss him on this day. He taught me to love art, music, Broadway, literature....I would like to call him and tell him about all the anniversaries. We would talk literature. He would call me Holly Go-Lightly and I would hang up the phone laughing.

And I can't stop there for it is also the birthdays of Mozart and Poe and Burns. Happy Birthday to all of you as well.

So it seems the images of my life...the endings, the beginnings have come to me through music and art and literature.

Here is a glimpse into my studio, at least one of the shelves! Also a link to this week's column toasting Poe and the Bard!

Thank you for coming into my world for a rainy Monday. Maybe you have memories or stories such as mine. Please share.

Lou Ann

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