Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Ode to English writers...

Last summer my mom emailed me a photo of the above pub. I knew that I had to see it in person, so last week Dick drove all of us to the site. It was a rainy morning and I jumped out of the car (along with Philip who took the photo) so that I could definitely have this picture!

I love poetry and quote it often, but being in England was so spectacular for my literary sense. I began to feel kin to EB Browning, Dickens, The Bronte Sisters, Hopkins, and well, yes, Shakespeare!

My mom had asked me to read a poem for her wedding, and at the reception I read Sonnet number XII from "Sonnets From the Portuguese" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. (If you go find it you may understand why I read it at her wedding.)

A few days later in an old bookstore, Philip found a book of Browning's poetry. This book was titled "Mrs. Browning," which was very unusual. He bought this as a gift to me.

I love this book. Maybe it is what will get me through this Indiana winter while we are apart.

So, another part of our trip, poetry in England.