Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The night before Thanksgiving...

Twas the night before Thanksgiving
and all through the house
every creature was moving
including the mouse.
The pans were all hung
from the worn rack with care
they had been waiting for weeks
the food all to share.
Mama in her apron
and Pa in his jeans
had just cleaned all the corn
and shelled all the beans.
When out in the field
there rose such a clatter
Pa grabbed his ole' shotgun
to see what was the matter.
Away to the hilltop
the hunter he flew
with a bag full of shells
in an early evening dew

And then in a twinkling
he heard a loud gobbler
while Ma was still home
a'fixin the cobbler

Now with the big turkey
a struttin' his stuff
after working the gym
he's looking quite buff.

The hunter took aim
his shot was real bad
the turkey flew off
the hunter was mad.

He walked through the garden,
a pickin' it clean
didn't leave any veggie
not even a bean.

Back into the house
they made a big stew
a big veggie dinner
just perfect for two...


This poem was compsed in bits and pieces as the Homan family came and went during the dinner hour! Enjoy it and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lou Ann