Monday, October 22, 2012

You know you are in a small town if....

Dear Folks,

I know I usually post photos and shows and all of the artsy kind of things I am know for.

But....this morning when I went to the gym to work out, I noticed that my neighbors already had their trash out by the curb.

Let me clarify this story. Larry and Cheri live next door to me. They live in their wonderful old house which is perfectly cared for. I believe they have lived there over 40 least since their wedding.

I can always count on the seasons with Larry and Cheri. The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas lights and wreaths come on. September 30 out come the jack-o-lanterns, flags for race day...need I go on? I never have to worry about the upcoming holiday as I am already perfectly informed.

Larry also is the kind of guy that gives candy to the kids after work. When he arrives home, most of the children flock to his yard for candy. (I always check with Larry to see if it is time to drink a beer yet. If he is drinking, then I know it is OK for me to do so as well.)

They also had a beautiful playhouse built for their grandchildren and then had their own house re-sided to match with the shutters and all. They really make the rest of the neighborhood look bad.

Our trash pick up is early on Wednesday morning. I have lived in my house over 10 years and they have never missed a deadline. I even take my cue from them for holiday pick ups. Larry and Cheri put out their trash at 3:30 on Tuesday.


Until this day. Why is their trash out early? It is also heaped high so what is in the garbage can?

I came home from the gym and remarked again to Virginia about the trash. I am out and about on my bike...the trash. I really can't seem to get over it.

Now I don't think Larry and Cheri read my blog, but if you do...please answer my question. Why is your trash out on Monday? My week is all messed up! If today is Wednesday, I am really behind.

So folks, you know you are in a small town if you cannot get over an issue such as this.

Do you think they are on vacation???

Lou Ann