Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Family Stories at Angola Carnegie Library!

Hi Folks,

On Thursday evening I will be sharing family stories and encouraging families to write their own.  This workshop is not designed for ancestral genealogy, but the stories that build the fabric of our own lives.

I will be sharing stories from my grandfather, my father and with my own children. Each family will receive one of my favorite CD's, "Growin' Up a Hoosier." These are stories of growing up here in Indiana. By the way, I purchased the spinning wheel 30 years ago from a fellow in Ohio. I wanted a small traveling wheel (like Abigail Adams), and I wanted it made our of cherry wood. He sent it to me and then wrote these words, "If you like it, you can pay me." I sent the check immediately.

Also this photo was taken last Friday in my garden. As you can see, there are still roses blooming and a few other items that survived the first hard freeze. (This photo was in the paper this morning.)

I know that most of my blog readers are scattered across the world, but you could take a little time to sit with your own children or grandchildren and write a story or two from your own memories. It will be cherished forever.

As always, thanks for reading and listening.

Lou Ann