Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Scent of Autumn's splendor...

Dear Folks,

This morning brings me working in my Studio before heading to Indianapolis to share my love of gypsy stories. Yes, I have packed my tambourine and my hoop earrings!

It is a warm September morning here in Indiana. My studio is amass with work that I try to keep sorted out...teaching materials, storytelling shows, projects on the burner...well, to name a few.

However out my window are bunches and bunches of ripe purple grapes that my neighbor planted a few years ago. She has offered them to me for jam making along with the peaches from her peach trees. I want to gather them all in worn baskets and carry them into my kitchen to catch the colors of late summer in jars to set upon the pantry shelves.

For now I can just let the scent of Autumn drift into my old house as I continue to work occasionally catching sight of a cardinal stopping by for a late breakfast.

Ahh, sweet scents of Autumn are just beginning in the Midwest.

Lou Ann