Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Writing from the Center" with Scott Russell Sanders

This summer my life has centered around my own garden with daily jaunts (on my bike) to town, storytelling performances, and community events.

I guess I could say that my garden was my artist pallett for the summer along with creating and finding new outlets for my work in my studio.

Recently (Monday evening) one of my writing books was returned to me after it circulated around my neighborhood.

As soon as I held this book in my hands, I felt compelled to open it immediately. My pencil notations were all over the book with phrases underlined, and notes to self evident in margins.

This book is "Writing from the Center" by Scott Russell Sanders. The book was written in 1995 and dedicated to Wendell Berry.

If you are a serious writer or want to feel more connected to your own home place I highly recommend this book. It may be out of print, but you can always go to Abe books!

I noticed that I made several notes to myself speaking of my pursuit of holiness and questions about who I am, how I write, and how going home can put peace into my soul.

For this summer, my soul belongs to the above garden, my House at White Picket Gardens and my community in northern Indiana.

So, where can you find your soul this summer? Just things to think about while watching fireflies or swinging at the park, or sitting outside at midnight watching the waxing moon slide against the summer sky.

As always, thanks for reading.