Monday, June 11, 2012

Art Out My Window..

Dear Friends,

Although this is not art out my own is definitely art out the window of the spacecraft circling the  earth. The beauty is enhanced by the orange lights of cities and town, lightning storms, the Aurora Borealis as well as the coming of dawn which is every 90 seconds.

I think looking at a video like this puts us all in a place of not just awe, but in a place of reverence about the world we live in, the brief candle of our life, and the beauty that exceeds even our wildest imaginations.

Please watch from beginning to end and then just contemplate your own life for a few moments.

I believe our purpose is to give and receive joy in this life of ours. Do that today. As always, thanks for reading, receiving and sharing.

This is brought to us from the ISS (International Space Station.)

With much love,
Lou Ann