Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Have you been Nookd????

Have you been Nookd???

This appears to be the story of the day in newspapers all the country and with the techies involved in e-readers.

I gave Philip Howard a Nook for his birthday as he had been thinking it would be an easier way for him to read "War and Peace" by Tolstoy.

The Nooks were on sale so we bought one for each other. He was thrilled until he came across the word "kindled" in the story of "War and Peace". It had been replaced by the word Nookd.

Did someone have a great time doing this? Total mistake? Anyway, you can read his blog and check out the story on some news sites today and decide for yourself.

In the meantime, my Nook lives in the bottom drawer of my desk, I just can't make myself use it, I love real books just too much.

I think being Nookd is going to be in future dictionaries! It will also be featured today on NPR Marketplace.

Oh, I hear that the Nooks are now on sale? Could that all be due to Philip Howard?