Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All in an afternoon...

When I was a young teenager my parents bought me a bowling ball for Christmas. I think I was actually a fairly good bowler although it only lasted through the early dating years.

I found it in my garage this early spring while cleaning and thought it would be great fun to use it as an ornamental in my garden. I put it on a sturdy rebarb  metal stick and there it was. However, it was just a dull color in the garden without any personality to talk about. So one day last week when the heat was high in the Midwest, I thought it was time I decorated it.

I pulled out the little tub of sequins and other fun "things" and spent some quiet time decorating my bowling ball by myself. It actually was a nice couple of where to go, nothing better to do than just sit around thinking and decorating my bowling ball.

I think life should be full of those moments where the momentum stops and a small, insignificant activity takes over the active brain.

There are still small cobwebs of hot glue  strung about which I think might disappear with the coming rain. Or it might not. Either way, I really love my bowling ball.

First attempts with the video camera...

For a long time now I have been wanting to use videos on my blog. I bought a small Kodak camera for this purpose. I am so surprised it actually worked, although the video is poor in color, construction, etc.

Thank you for being patient. This does not show the beauty of my gardens, I have much to learn, but I am going to enjoy this process.