Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday," Judith Viorst

Today's garage sale find!

I love the book, "Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday," written by Judith Viorst. I have used it for my children, school children, and folks who just come perusing my library shelves.

The book is about Alexander who was given a dollar by his grandparents and by the end of the day he had spent the money. He ended up with a one-eyed bear, burned out candle stub, a bus name a few.

Today I went to the garage sale of friend, neighbor and artist, Heidi Finley. Heidi and her family are moving to the Upper Peninsula as her husband has taken a new job. We will miss them so much in our community!

Today was the first day of Heidi's garage sale. I didn't get there until noon, but found treasures waiting for me. Here is what I purchased with my $25.00.

one ballet dress (not my size)
two sailor hats with the tags still on
two bars of English soap (still wrapped)
one garden hand trimmer
three strands of twinkle lights
one white cotton dress up skirt (now that does fit me)
small artistic glass pieces for my garden
wrapping paper
homemade paper from India
one jar homemade glitter
one picture frame
10 antique wooden leaves for old tables (to be used for shelving!)
one peacock feather

I had a wonderful time visiting with Heidi and wishing her well. I do not have $25.00 any longer, but I now own a peacock feather!

We will miss you, Heidi. Thank you for the treasures.