Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss....

Dear Dr. Seuss,

Happy Birthday! I know these wishes are being sent up like sky rockets and balloons today in blogs, on Facebook and in elementary schools where children are dressed in characters and eating green eggs and ham, but nonetheless, here are mine.

What can I say to you on your birthday that you haven't been told? I think the world is in a bit of a topsy turvy dilemma. You best know these politics, don't you? The Republicans and Democrats...the same old story. You would think we all would have learned by now.

Gas prices are higher, but then again, I am of the thought that it will help out small towns as we struggle to survive. My little town of Angola? Oh, thanks for asking. We have had a major revitalization project the past couple of years so things are looking good. Still much to worry about...our small theatres, vacated store fronts, and we still don't have bike racks. Hmmm...

The books you wrote? They are still on my library shelves, although they have moved houses with me a few times. They are a bit worn out from over use. Your books have passed through decades of own children, grandchildren and all the children I taught in between.

Lots of schools have dress up day today? Did you ever think that would happen?
Oh, and the big news? Your book, The Lorax, is a motion picture and is in theatres everywhere starting today. I am going to see it tonight with my little grandsons. We are very excited.

We are striving to take care of the environment as you have shown us in your books, and we are trying to keep peace on earth, but wow, that seems to be always difficult.

So, thanks to you for dedicating your life to writing for children and adults around the world. We still love you. I'll check in again next year to let you know how things are going. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!