Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Out My Window

This week I am featuring art out of my college roommate's window! Sally Schenkel first posted these lovely photos on Facebook and I loved the view out her window in Huntington, Indiana. She appears to have a great camera as well (I won't mention the kind, although I can say it is not a Nikon D40!)

Sally was my roommie for two years at Ball State a few years ago, or as Matthew always says about my past...when the world was new.

My mom always wanted me to get a part time job, and I can only tell you that the stories surrounding my job searches (getting jobs and leaving jobs) are all woven into my stories. They are hilarious tales and most involve Sally as well!

I often tell the story of the time I tried out for Charlie the Cardinal. The deal was that Ball State would pay you an income and you would get to go to the games free!

All my friends went with me to the try-outs in one of the gyms. I was not the only "Charlie" to try out. I did notice, however, that every one else had a routine with music. I had not thought of a routine. I just thought I would walk out with the head on and get the job!

When it was my turn, I put the large and very heavy head on my shoulders and walked out into the gym. I couldn't even see, let alone find the try out area. Someone had to lead me out. When I got to the table of judges, they asked if I had music. Of course I did not. I really didn't know what to do so I just stood there for a moment trying to keep my balance and keep the Cardinal head on my head. Finally I began jumping up and down, flapping my arms as if they were wings and shouting through some small orifice in the head, "Eeeee--eeeee--owowowow---eeeeee-eeeeee-----owowowow." I think I did this for at least five minutes or so it seemed.

When I was finally done, I was sweating all over from wearing that giant, hot head and from jumping up and down. I couldn't find my friends at first, but I could hear them. They were laughing so hard they had fallen out of the bleachers and were on the floor balled up with laughter and tears.

Needless to say, I did not get the job as Charlie the Cardinal.

Here are Sally's photos for Art Out My Window...dedicated to years gone by and yet to come.

Thanks Sally!

The lovely female cardinal at Sally's feeder.

What a great photo this is of the male cardinal.