Thursday, February 23, 2012

"The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien

This morning, while sitting in my studio watching the frost begin to melt and drop from the trees, I thought of this book, "The Things They Carried".

It is a wonderful compilation of stories by Tim O'Brien talking about men going to war and what they take with them. They carried love letters, photographs, and so much more.

This was our first county read here in Angola a few years ago. I was so in love with this book that I thought I would be discussing it while pumping gas or with strangers at a party or with, well anyone.

On this quiet, cold morning I am thinking of the things we all carry. What is important to us, what do we carry and where do we carry them?

Looking around my studio, it is easy to see for anyone to see what is important to me...sea glass in a little bottle from Adam and Tonya...jester book ends from my dad...a black and white photo of Aaron and Karen holding baby Jonah...Matthew and Jonah's Valentine bags still full of chocolate...puppets...hundreds of books...a family photograph of Abe and water bottle...bracelets...pens...paper...marbles...

Our space and our thoughts define us and take us where we need to be. My thoughts are not so easily seen as we all mask those on a daily basis. I do believe that writers and artists let these thoughts be know in their work.

I also carry a seashell and a rock in my pocket. They are lovely to hold onto when I need a bit of comfort.

So, what do you carry? Just some thoughts on this quiet Thursday morning. And, if you haven't read the book, I encourage you to do so and share your thoughts with me.