Monday, February 20, 2012

Art Out My Window...

This past weekend Kathy and I traveled by rail from our neighboring town of Waterloo, Indiana to St. Paul, Minnesota.

It was a three day full day on the train traveling to, one day there, and one day traveling from.

Our destination was the Fitzgerald Theater to see a Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.

The weather was not the normal February weather which would have been twenty degrees below zero and three feet of snow.

These photos were taken from the train on the way home crossing the Mississippi River as well as Miller Brewing Company. Enjoy!


The shadows of the ships
Rock on the crest
In the low blue lustre
Of the tardy and the soft inrolling tide.

A long brown bar at the dip of the sky
Puts an arm of sand in the span of salt.

The lucid and endless wrinkles
Draw in, lapse and withdraw.
Wavelets crumble and white spent bubbles
Wash on the floor of the beach.

Rocking on the crest
In the low blue lustre
Are the shadows of the ships.

Carl Sandburg