Thursday, February 16, 2012

The moments of our lives..

The heavy grey rain falls out my studio window. The red satin curtains are pulled back letting me view this February scene.

It is a day of thinking and reflecting and, I guess, wondering about life in general.

Today my oldest son Adam (well three minutes older than his twin brother Aaron!) is celebrating his tenth wedding anniversary with his wife, Tonya. Oh, I remember that day so well. Tonya was a family friend and it was easy to just pull her into the daughter-in-law genre. She was my first daughter-in-law. I count on her whenever they visit from St. Pete to become the kitchen fairy! I congratulate them on this day.

Abe married Kristin next in Portland, Oregon. He met Kristin on 9/11 in Santa Barbara. Their two little girls are beautiful, but oh so far away. He is my youngest, and I often find myself calling Jonah by his name.

Aaron married Karen here in Angola on a cold night in January outside in the snow and cold. The reception was here at my house. I filled the house with roses and dinner for all involved. It was a happy night as well. They live close by with continual raids of my refrigerator.

I think of my children often. They are all college graduates and work in different fields. They are all successful with their work and their lives.

I am glad to be a participant in their lives in whatever way that I can.

Here are a few photos, not many, to celebrate this day of family.

Matthew, Jonah and I at our Valentine's Day supper.
Mengting took the photo.

Here is Abe with his two little sweethearts, Holly and Brianna.
Abe and Holly were dressed up for the Love Bug Dance.

This was Adam and Tonya's engagement photo taken ten years ago!