Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rain falls on the Mad Mag Studio as I daydream...

It is one of the loveliest of days here on Ocracoke Island as the raindrops fall and cascade down through the trees surrounding my studio. I found an old umbrella that would just barely open to cover me while I trekked my few steps into the studio. It didn't work so well as I was still covered with the cold winter raindrops.

The small heater purrs, the twinkle lights dance and cast shadows onto my work space and a trunk of dress up clothes wait for an occasion. My guitar is propped up against the wall, small lamps adorn wooden trunks and my old blue table is covered with work. This old wash house space is good.

Working alone in a studio is a new experience for me. Without the structure of school, I find I own my discipline, whether I use it correctly or not. I do often find myself daydreaming, which is probably good. It reminds me of my elementary school days as well.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I am on my third class at Yale University...I am just waiting for my water soaked, marked up textbook to arrive by post before I go to the next class. Robert Frost is the first poet we have studied in class. Yesterday the professor put us into small groups for discussion. Unfortunately the class I am taking was taped in the spring of 2007 so I missed out on the discussion as well as the in-class worksheet!

Is it possible that I will just discuss this poetry with myself on this rainy day in my Mad Mag Studio?

So, wherever you are, hopefully your work is good and important to you.

Thanks for reading.
Lou Ann

The entrance to my Mad Mag Studio in the rain...notice umbrella!

One of my bookshelves!

This is the old blue table I rescued...great for working and drinking coffee!!

Dress up clothes whenever I need or want them!