Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Carl Sandburg!

Carl Sandburg

Several years ago I received a grant to follow the footprints of Carl Sandburg. I flew to Oregon, boarded a train and spent the next ten days traveling by rail.
What began as a journey to study the works of Sandburg turned into a plethera of literary giants to study.

As I traveled from place to place, how could I not study Steinbeck, Fitzgerald and Hemmingway? I still am immersed in these authors and that time period.

On winter nights I can quietly sit and read the poetry and works of these great men.

So, happy birthday to Sandburg. Here is just a small sample of his work, this one is from a collection of his Chicago poems.

NIGHT from a railroad car window

Is a great, dark, soft thing

Broken across with slashes of light.