Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Next stop...Arizona!

A late night flight brought me into Arizona on Friday to visit Abe and Kristin and to care for the girls during his conference.

It is my first time to Arizona since I was a little girl, and I really wasn't prepared for this stark beauty. (And I am visiting at the end of a very hot, dry summer.)

The mountain ranges surround this Mesa Valley which includes a sprawling new area of homes and families. From all directions of their house, I can see the mountain ranges, yet a clear big sky overhead! (Except I brought the monsoon season!)

Abe and Kristin left the cool, damp climate of Portland to experience something new. My kids have always had the wanderlust...traveling, here we go again.

The house is lovely with a pool to cool away the summer heat.

When Abe lost his job a few years ago, he decided the only thing he could really do would be to start his own company, and that he did.

He is his own President and CEO of the Machaon Company. He hosts two technology conferences a year, at least for now. One is in Phoenix and the other, in the spring, in Houston.

This week is his Phoenix conference. Abe and Kristin were at the convention center yesterday setting up, and today is the big event. I am watching Channel 12 early morning TV here in Phoenix as they are covering the conference.

As to my antics with the girls? That will come tomorrow!!

Abe and Kristin at 4:00 a.m. this morning getting ready to leave.
I got up early to make coffee and send them off! My apologies to Kristin as she didn't want her picture taken without her make-up! (It was too early and she
was going to put it on in the car!)