Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IndyFringe...A Performer's Perspective

Dear Folks,

So we are halfway through the IndyFringe 2011. I am still in awe of the talent, the creativity of these performers and the gusto of which all are performed.

Mass Ave in Indianapolis is the spotlight for the performing arts this week. Within walking distance, one can go to seven venues for different shows. There are shows for children such as with Eric Wolf with his 'larger than life' stories. Could this be a modern day Paul Bunyon? I watched a youngster in his show last night  enjoy the show thoroughly!

I was also able to attend School House Wrong. Everyone is raving about this show, as well they should. It was hilarious and so politically incorrect. It is the perfect Fringe show. It was almost sold out last night, and it was Monday! Get your tickets early for this great show!  Don't miss it!

Mary Hamilton shares her story of Around the World with Cinderella. I was fascinated by all the story creation that is typical of Mary's work. Her husband, Charles, is her biggest fan standing out on street corners handing out her cards.

It is during those moments that I realize I have no #1 fan to do this for me.
So I hand out my own cards, see them displayed on the racks on the street, in the cafes, on tables. Sometimes I am taken back when I see my card sitting on a piano somewhere.

I am caught up in the glamour of this Fringe. I am caught up in the magic of performing, the magic of the audiences who come to sit a little on the edge of their chair. I love sharing a glass of wine or dinner after the show as well. Thanks to all who send me offers of dinner...Elton, Ken.

Don't worry about that in my show, I Was A Virgin Nudist, no one is naked! (But don't let that stop you from coming!!) I have loved working on this piece, making it a show that will delight you and take you into another world, if only for an hour.

I have three shows left: tonight at 6:00, tomorrow at 7:30 and closing show is Saturday at 3:00.  Would love to have you in the audience!!

Make sure you come for the evening on the weekend to catch the other shows. I reviewed a few others on the blog Sunday so check that out as well. Buy your button, support the arts, and let your hair down for the IndyFringe 2011.

Lou Ann

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