Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Studio

My mom spent the last three days with me here at White Picket Gardens. She was here for the 'retirement festival' and then spent the rest of the summer with my sister's family in Fort Wayne. I was glad to have her to myself for just a few days.

We were extremely busy gallavanting around to parties and get-togethers. It is nice to know that I can pick up exactly where I left off in the early summer.

I left the door to my studio closed, even though I have work to do. The truth is, with all the events of the spring, it became a catchall. The studio was full of well wishing cards, unpacked clothes from Ocracoke, supplies to take to the Fringe, Matthew and Jonah's last day of school papers! OK, you get the picture.
Wow, I thought, this is my new place of employment and I never let it get like this messy! I also thought it needed a quick, cheap make-over to start me off in my gypsy life. 

I brought over Lee's sister, Ellen, who gave me some advice. She is an artist and I really appreciated her thoughts. So, yesterday morning, my mom and I tore into the studio...moving furniture, sorting out stuff, changing curtains. My mom was really into this as she tied Mardi Gras beads on the new red satin curtains. Most of the items on the desks remain...a photo of my dad when he was an actor in Fort Wayne, a jar of marbles, a jar of sea glass, notebooks, baskets of pens and pencils. The walls are blue/gray, the art is all black and white. Bookshelves are brimming with poetry, references, Harry Potter, children's literature books, book club books...well you get the picture on that one.

The studio, with just a few hours of work, has been transformed into my new gypsy space. I am fortunate to have two here and Mad Mag's on Ocracoke.

I, however, do not know what to name this space. The Scarlet Library, Ex Libris,
the Sacred Space, The Gypsy Room, The Studio.

I am hoping you bloggers and readers might have some ideas. You know me well by now, what ideas do you have? I think names are important and I want to get this one right.

So, be bold bloggers. Share some ideas!

Lou Ann

Happy Spring!

  First flower of spring in my garden! Today at precisely at 5:24, the Earth balanced and spring arrived.  I think she arrived quite regally...