Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farewell to Ocracoke...

Yesterday I took my last early morning walk on the beach.
These photos were all taken before the sun rose .
This is a photo of the sea oats in the dawn.

When I was taking this photo of the beach there was no one, nothing
on any side of me. It was completely void of human life or human
misgivings. I am always in awe, but on this morning I was

Some child must have left this on the beach the night before.
It was all alone, tipped as it appears. I couldn't resist
to capture this innocence of child's play.

This sand castle was still intact from the flowing of the
tide. My walk was at low tide yesterday something I
watch carefully here...the tides, the moon phases,
the joy of life.

I leave this afternoon and will board a train in Newport
News tomorrow taking me back to the Midwest where
work calls me home.

Until then, farewell to my beloved Island and a thank you
to Philip for making the summer enchanting as always.

Graduation Season

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