Monday, August 08, 2011

Getting ready to say goodbye...

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The time has come to start saying goodbye and packing up, yet I am still enjoying each one of these last few days. The weekend was for reading and friends.

This morning was an early morning scud out in Philip's boat. It was beautiful in the harbor as the sun was coming up and still cool breezes before the heat of the day.
We had breakfast with Jude at the Castle as her guests and a tour as well. The history of the Castle is colorful built by an eccentric man, Sam Jones.

My studio finally looks like 'home'. There are books and notes and bracelets and electronic cords strung all over. I have loved working in Mad Mag's studio all summer...I think she is my muse, at least while I am here.

So my next two posts might be a bit sad as I pull away from my Ocracoke life to resume the other.

Enjoy the article and build community wherever you are.