Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Who are we really?

Dear Friends,

Early this morning a friend of mine from Indiana sent me a sampling of her new Blog. It is an inside look of her thoughts, activities and how she is moving through life.

I wrote back and told her that it really got me thinking about my Blog and where i go with it and how I want you, the reader, to experience it with me.

I don't think of my Blog as a diary, although I do think of my columns as such. My Blog is a brief glimpse into my soul or even my recipe book. I find it comforting, amusing, and quite bold on my part that folks want to read these inner thoughts. But then again, on Facebook, we share the minutest details of our daily life including grams of fiber for our breakfast (OK, really stretching on that one) to serious topics of illness and death.

I find that each day, when available, I need this daily fix of comedy, drama and soapbox material from Facebook.

I also think that sharing the color of life, in small pieces, is what my Blog is all about as well. I have the good fortune of traveling and living different life styles along the way. It is fun for me to share outdoor showers, biking through villages when on Ocracoke as well as snowstorms in Indiana or moonlight on the moors of England and Ireland.

So, I will continue to write about observing small vignettes of life, while once in a while trumpeting the views of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Thank you for listening, for reading, for finding my blog an integral part of your journey.

Lou Ann

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