Sunday, June 26, 2011

Poetry for our photos...

There were so many photos taken during our week on Ocracoke that I don't know how to involve all the photos...maybe a few at a time. In the meanwhile, I put together this poem to describe our magical week!


Turquoise edges of liquid sea

Splash into the faces of children.

Sun-kissed warm cheeks

Tell flashlight stories as the sun hides behind the sea.

Families pose, fish are caught, dreams are discussed

As we bring our souls to the table.

Pirates whisper under the sea

As we shout on the top of salt and waves.

The glasses are raised, the children sleep

And we lock elbows and hearts to the island’s swaying.

Ahhhh, our family vacation.

Arriving back at Ocracoke with family!

Summer at Sea with the Family!

This is my first column since I have returned to Ocracoke...yes, I know time has lapsed between the greatest party of the century and this family vacation...but time does get away. Let's move on, shall we???
Lou Ann