Friday, March 11, 2011

Just realizing...

I just realized that I left for China a year ago today. Kimberly and I left with the folks from Global Indiana from Indianapolis on this morning. We flew to Washington D.C. and then on to Tokyo. We had a two hour break in the airport at Tokyo and then on the Beijhing. The rest is, of course, history.

Have been thinking about this all day as the news pours in over the wires.

My friend Mari has been trying to locate her family all day. Disconnected world and lives, and yet connected in so many ways.

Reacting in a small town..

I was down at the local coffee shop early this morning where the talk was entirely on the earthquake in Japan and the aftermath that will follow. Tsunamis, stock markets, health risks from the nuclear power plants. We, in the Midwest, send our thoughts and reactions to everyone involved.

One of my best friends, Mari Williams, is from Japan. Her family still lives there. There are several students at Trine that also are unable to connect to their family and friends for who knows how long?

What we can do, we will. In the meantime, compassion is all we have to offer.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Garrison Keillor

(I lifted this photo, he did not have a podium!)

Last night Garrison Keillor performed at the Embassy in Fort Wayne. Kathy and I bought tickets months ago and we (along with several hundred folks from the Midwest) were not disappointed.

The stage was set with a single stool and microphone. There was no introduction. There was no intermission. There was not even a bottle of water on the stage. Just Garrison with his red shoes.

For two hours he shared stories from his beloved Lake Woebegone. The audience, made up with older folks, loved each moment of the show.

Thanks to the Lutheran Foundation for bringing him to Fort Wayne!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Last snow of winter (again)?

Last evening I was invited to dinner at the home of Carolyn and Elton. (We are planning the retirement party of the century!) It began to snow on the way with large flakes, reminding one of cotton candy!

With huge windows facing the prairie, we shared a lovely dinner while watching the snow fill the fields and meadows. By the midnight hour, when I left, there were over three inches of snow and still falling. The streets and roads were empty as I drove home.

This morning the sky is azure, the sun is bright, and the snow is dazzling. The truth is, I was ready for one more storm.

Lou Ann

Graduation Season

  It is graduation season, and our lives are filled now with endings and beginnings. I never let graduations pass me by, I always enjoy them...