Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another year starts..

School started today in my home town. It makes for a bittersweet day for all of us in the neighborhood. 

This summer our quiet streets have been home to many children...children who still stay out until late dusk...children who run barefoot every day...children who make up their own games to play with their imagination running rampant.

They travel as well. They might be at my house for a tea party (first day back!) or another house running through the grass or yet another house sitting on the stoop eating watermelon.

I love these children. Two of them are my grandsons, Matthew and Jonah. I think they are the ringleaders of the neighborhood!

But last night the streets were quiet at dusk with just the sound of crickets and cicadas as these children were called in early for baths and bed.

Jonah had his first day of school today as he went off to Kindergarten. Matthew went to third grade. Their parents walked them to school and then walked them home after school. (We have the old-fashioned crossing guard as well!)

So, another year begins and we are all a little older and wiser.